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Spill Kits

Argyle Commercial is a trusted supplier of environmental control products. Our vast selection includes oil and chemical spill kits, designed to effectively handle different kinds of liquids. Made with quality materials, our customers can be sure that the kits they get from us are nothing short of durable, reliable and suitable for a variety of applications.

Our range of chemical and oil spill kits come with everything you need to respond to accidental spillage. In order to make the most of the different spill kit types available, we offer spill response training at the basic, intermediate and advanced level.

We also offer spill kit servicing, to ensure that your clean up kit is always properly maintained and fully stocked when you need it.

Features and Benefits of our Spill Kits

Our spill control kits are ideal for responding to chemical and oil spills quickly and safely.

Argyle Commercial spill kits are:

  • Made of highly durable materials no breaking up or falling apart when wet
  • Fully stocked with everything you need for easy clean up
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Compact and convenient
  • Available in a variety of spill kit types for general clean-up, oil and chemical spills

By having a spill kit on hand at your facility or vehicle, you will always be prepared for any emergency spill.

How to Use a Spill Kit

All of our spill control kits are straightforward and easy to use. We designed our kits to be compact and portable some kits are small and fit into your vehicles, while larger kits, ideal for industrial facilities are packed into convenient wheelie bins.

Each one of our kits come with instruction cards, protective gear, absorbents, and waste disposal bags. Some kits, such as the marine spill kit, come with booms, which float on the water to prevent the further spread of oil.

To use our oil or chemical spill kits, simply unpack the materials and be sure to wear the protective gear first. Follow the instructions on the kit to absorb and contain the spillage.

A Wide Range of Spill Control Kits

We have a huge range of spill kits, including portable carry bag spill kits, bucket spill kits, 120L wheelie bin spill kits, 240L spill kits and more. Designed to make your clean-ups fast, easy and safe, our selections include diverse products to address our customers' unique concerns.

Our Carry Bag Spill Kits are portable and able to fit in small spaces. You can leave them where you need them, and they'll fit perfectly, whether it's at the back of your car seat or on a hook. Our Carry kits are available in three sizes and three grades, ideal for different purposes.

The Bucket Spill Kits, on the other hand, are visible and hard to miss, making them useful additions to workshops and shelves, even vehicles. They work well for minor spillages.

Large amounts of liquids call for more complicated clean-up jobs and bigger solutions to match. Our Wheelie Spill Kits Bins come in 120L and 240L sizes, making them the perfect answer to such cases.

The Argyle Commercial Difference

Our products are fully customisable, and we are sure to have something that will suit your requirement. Spill kit refills are available as well. In addition to our spill response kits, we also offer spill kit accessories and training sessions, ensuring our customers are prepared for any spill scenario.

We deliver our spill kits Australia-wide, shipping anywhere within the country. Our friendly customer service team is always standing by to answer any queries that you may have.

Discover more about our line of spill products and services by browsing below.

Carry Spill Kits

Our carry bag spill kits have been designed to fit into small places - on a hook, behind a seat in a delivery van - wherever it's needed.  There are three sizes available; the 15L spill kit, 30L spill kit and the 50L spill kit, and these vehicle spill kits come in three grades; general purpose, chemical and oil and fuel.  Refill spill kits are also available.

Wheelie Bin Kits

Argyle Commercial's range of 120 and 240L wheelie bin spill kits come in three grades (general purpose spill kits, oil-only spill kits and chemical spill kits), and two types - standard and premium.  Also available is a monster sized kit - the 660L spill kit.  Packed with premium absorbents, all our spill kits will not let you down.

Marine Spill Kits

Argyle Commercials 240L and 660L marine oil-only spill kits come with everything needed to respond to a marine oil spill.  Packed with large marine booms, pads and granular absorbents, and PPE, we have your requirements covered.  Ideal for marinas, boats and construction projects.  Click here for more information.

Spill Kit Accessories

Along with our huge range of spill kits we offer a large range of spill kit accessories including PPE, disposal bags and ties, carry bags and more.  Also available are spill kit covers.  These are ideal to protect your kits from the harsh seasonal elements, and mark your spill kits out as an emergency kit - not an empty rubbish bin.

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I certainly have found Argyle brilliant for service. Orders on equipment in the past have always been delivered quickly...Very Happy.

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