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Spill Containment

Argyle Commercial offers one of the largest range of bunding in Australia, from standard 2 and 4 drum bonded pallets to IBC Bunds, portable bunding, to hardcover outdoor bunds and to temporary onsite bunding solutions. Our wide range of spill containment solutions includes chemical bunds and spill mats. With our containment solutions, you will surely find something to address your needs.

Spill Containment Systems You Can Trust

Liquids used in the industrial settings, such as oils and chemicals require careful handling, and it starts with using the right containers. Spill containment units and polyethylene bunding should withstand the inclement weather conditions and not risk compromising the quality of the liquids. As such, choosing from the available options involves plenty of considerations, including size, material and portability.

What Argyle Commercial offers are diverse products that cover varying needs. Our Spill Pallets are made of heavy duty polyethylene, meaning they do not corrode or rust easily and are compatible with both oil and chemical. This makes them perfect for the industrial environment.

Our IBC bunds are also made of 100% polyethylene; tarpaulin covers and dispensing trays are also available, that are useful for decanting and protecting the fluids. The covers fit securely into single and double units. Our spill containment bunds are available in various sizes.

The Benefits of Bunding Systems

Argyle Commercial's wide range of bunding systems and spill containment units provide superior protection, minimising the effects of unintended spills.

Our bunding is:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Offer superior holding capacity
  • Made of approved, heavy-duty materials
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with a wide range of substances, including oil and chemicals
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Provides peace of mind

All of our containment bunds can handle a variety of spillage and are manufactured to the highest standards.

A Range of Bunding Products

These are just some of the reliable and portable bunding products we offer. If what you are looking for doesn't feature, let us know and we will find it for you.

We can provide spill containment units to suit your exact needs. Argyle Commercial strives to provide you with excellent service and heavy-duty environmental containment products.

Put us to the test and browse our selections today.

SpillBoss Spill Pallets

Our Spill Pallets are made out of heavy duty polyethylene, which doesn't rust or corrode and will withstand the knocks and scuffs of the industrial environment. Available as a 2 or 4 drum bund, these are compatible with both oils and chemicals.  Also available are heavy duty covers to protect the containers from the elements.

SpillBoss Low Profile Bunds

Available in 2 drum, 4 drum and 4 drum in-line with a low height of 150mm, this is a cost effective workfloor bunding solution to incidental spills.  These drum bunds are designed for use on your factory floor, making a safe and efficient working area.  Ramps are available to simplify access to the bunds, compatible with all sizes.

SpillBoss IBC Bunds

The SpillBoss range of IBC Bunds include the single or double unit.  100% polyethylene, these bunds are heavy duty and resistant to corrosion.  Also available are add-on dispensing trays, to provide spill containment when decanting as well as heavy duty PVC covers designed to fit securely over either units to protect them from the elements.

Outdoor Hardtop Storage

SpillBoss hardtop storage units are designed for use outside where protection from the weather is paramount.  With roll-top covers for the IBC bunds to ensure easy access to IBC containers, and the capability or store either 2 or 4 x 205 litre drums in lockable and weatherproof bunds, these are perfect for manufacturing...

Salvage Drum & Drum Cart

These two products - the drum dolly/transporter and salvage drums are both constructed out of heavy duty polyethylene.  The salvage drum has been specifically designed for the safe transport of damaged drums, whilst the drum dolly is the perfect product for transporting drums around site that are being used all the time.

Steel Drum and IBC Bunds

Like the polyethylene drum and IBC bund range, we also offer a complete range of steel bunding.  Use these durable and cost-effective steel drums and IBC bunds to ensure all your liquids are safely contained, to avoid costly spills and injuries.

Floor Bunding

By using the barrier bund system, you can safely store liquids onsite in bunded areas.  This cost effective solution to bunding in high traffic areas will stop any spills from spreading out of the factory or shed and into the drains.  Barrier bunding is very easy to install.

Portable Spill Bunding

Our portable spill bunds and temporary spill mats are designed to provide you with safe and compliant temporary storage of drums, generators and the likes.  Both products are manufactured from heavy duty PVC, are easily portable and can be custom manufactured to any size you require!

Spill Trays

Argyle's spill trays are ideal for the storage and handling of smaller quantities of liquids.  These fully sealed and moulded polyethylene bunds are ideal for many different working applications. Very useful for the storage of batteries and 20-25 litre drums, these are ideal for laboratories and small workshops for spill containment purposes.

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We have found Argyle Commercial has the most comprehensive range of quality Spill Control Equipment in Australia, providing an exceptional level of service and competitive pricing.

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