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Silt Curtain

Argyle Commercial supplies a wide range of turbidity barriers, silt curtains and curtain baffles, Australia Wide. Various types of silt booms and curtains are available, the most popular being the Contractors Silt Curtain. Used by most of Australia's leading contractors all over Australia, this curtain will more than exceed your expectations.

Heavy Duty Silt Curtains

Our heavy-duty silt curtains are suitable for the toughest conditions, developed specifically to suit the needs of Australian marine contractors. Our silt curtains strike just the right balance between quality, cost-efficiency and durability.

Silt curtains and turbidity barriers are ideal for use in marine construction, dredging and remediation projects, giving you total control of the silt and other sediments that find their way into the water. This prevents sediment from spreading throughout the body of water and affecting the local ecology. The use of silt curtains ensures that your construction areas comply with regulations and protect the marine environment.

A Wide Range of Curtain and Containment Boom Systems

We provide different floating silt curtains and containment boom systems for various applications. Our debris booms are ideal for controlling surface pollutants and other debris, while our noxious weed containment booms prevent weed blooms from travelling downstream.

Durable and easy to set up, they are ideal for either temporary or permanent installation. The screens and booms are designed to be impact resistant for improved performance in varying settings.

Argyle Commercial delivers all over Australia. For any enquiries and concerns, contact our friendly customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you.

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