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Sediment Control

If you need high quality erosion control products, then look no further than Argyle Commercial. We are the reliable supplier of sediment control solutions, and we are proud to offer an extensive array of silt fences, socks and bags, hay bale bags, geotextile rolls and silt curtain, as well as all accessories. Keep silt from spreading around construction sites and making a big mess with the help of our products.

Durability That Withstands Corrosion

Our sediment control solutions are manufactured using durable materials such as UV-resistant fabric for our premium silt fence, and environmentally friendly and biodegradable coconut fibres for our coir logs. Designed for environmental protection, you can trust our products to deliver.

In addition to the silt fences, we also provide accessories that allow for easy installation, maintenance and usage. Our hardwood stakes and pickets are welcome additions to any fence installation tool inventory. Cost-effective and versatile, they are ideal for providing additional support to an already-sturdy line of silt fences and work perfectly in different environmental conditions.

Silt Control Products You Can Trust

When it comes to quality, Argyle Commercial assures you that what we offer is second to none. We have been supplying environmental protection products for years, so you can be sure that we understand your needs and requirements. The effectiveness and reliability of our solutions are unquestionable, and with a diverse range of products, you can certainly find what you need here.

If we don't stock it or make it ourselves, we will tap into our network of suppliers and find it for you.

Argyle Commercial is the leading choice for silt control products in Australia. Make us your choice, too. See our catalogue for more information on what we offer.

Silt Fence

Argyle Commercial supplies a large range of silt fence.  We offer both a premium and standard silt fence, at competitive pricing.  We also offer wooden posts and accessories to help install your silt fence.  Click here for more information.

Silt Bags

Coupled with our large range of sediment control products are our silt bags. Use these in a wide range of applications including holding down signs/bollards, and as filter socks to filter flowing water.  With hundreds kept in stock at all times, you can be sure you will get what you need without any hassle when you buy from us.

Sand Bags

Available in packs of 100, in 2 types of fabric (Poly or Hessian), our sandbags are used for a multitude of purposes including flood control and construction works. We also offer a sandbag hopper which makes the job of filling sand bags a lot easier and less demanding.

Filled hessian sand bags or burlap sacks from Argyle Commercial, measure 360mm to 840mm and can easily be filled sand and other materials to weigh them down. Cost-effective and versatile, you can use these bags for water diversion during floods, for civil and construction projects, and to stabilise road signs against wind. They also aid in the construction of levees, dykes and barricades. You may also use these sand bags for traffic control at race tracks.

For a more waterproof option, our Flowmasta poly sand bags is the more robust choice, ideal for use in temporary retaining walls and flood control. Poly sand bags are supplied with a string for easy closing.

Also available are our FloodSax Sandless Sandbags - more information can be found on our FloodSax page, or they can be purchased online at www.floodsax.com.au.

Simple and Effective

Properly filled and placed, our sandbags provide a satisfactory temporary barrier that effectively diverts water. Poly sand bags are especially suited to the Australian climate, durable enough to withstand UV exposure. They require minimal care and can last an indefinite amount of time.

Sandbags can be filled and emptied with ease you can fold them up, store them and reuse them at a later time as needed.

Argyle Commercial ships Australia wide. For more information about our products, get in touch with our customer service team today, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Coir Logs
Coir Logs are used to construct check structures, manage changes in stream flow velocity, shape channels and stabilise shorelines.  Click through for more information.
Barrier Mesh

Argyle Commercial offers a large range of safety barrier mesh including a light and heavy rigid barrier mesh as well as shade cloth,   Also available are steel pickets to help with the installation of your barrier mesh.

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