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Argyle Commercial is a leading supplier of spill absorbents. Our wide range of absorbents includes products that are compatible with all different kinds of liquids.

All of our products are manufactured to the most exacting standards, designed to keep up with the rigorous demands of industrial facilities and plants.

Our chemical spill absorbents are compatible with a range of different chemicals, while our oil absorbent products are ideal for cleaning up fuel spills.

Designed to both contain spillages, and make cleaning up safe and easy, our absorbents come in different lengths and configurations.

The Benefits of Spill Absorbents

Spill absorbents from Argyle Commercial are highly effective at cleaning up and containing fuel and chemical spillage. We only offer the highest quality absorbent booms and pads to make clean up as safe and easy as can be.

Our spill absorbents are:

  • Made of durable materials
  • Absorb a wide range of chemicals
  • Highly absorbent
  • Perform well, even in the most rigorous conditions
  • Are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Safe and easy to use

Our Range of Absorbents for Oil and Chemical Spills

Some spillage concerns are bigger than others. Argyle Commercial has just the right products for those cases. Our range of oil and chemical spill absorbents include Pads, Mini-Booms, Pillows and Rolls.

Our line of Absorbent Pads includes traditional meltblown as well as dimpled oil, chemical and general purpose pads. Our range of Mini-booms and Pillows works well for containing and soaking up spills, making clean-ups easier and more manageable.

The Pillows' large surface shortens the time required for the job and absorbs the liquids faster. The Mini-booms, on the other hand, come in different lengths and have impressive flexibility. They are a cost-effective solution for tricky spillage concerns that need precise and effective cleaning. Packed with premium absorbent fills, they come in three grades: oil and fuel, chemical, and general purpose.

Our Rolls are designed for ease of use and portability. Available in meltblown and dimpled configurations, they are perfect for low-waste clean-ups.

Find the Right Absorbents at Argyle Commercial

Argyle Commercial is your source of high quality absorbents. If you are looking for absorbents you can trust to finish the job quickly and effectively, take your pick from our many options.

Our chemical and oil absorbent products are available Australia-wide, shipping to anywhere within the country.

Our friendly customer service team is always ready to answer any questions that you may have. Enquire or start browsing our catalogue below.

Granular Absorbents

Our range of SpillBoss granular absorbents include the popular P35 (mineral), P55 (peat/mineral mix), P75 (peat) and the P95 (natural sea sponge).  All highly absorbent and popular, they can be used on almost any spill.  Peruse our range by following the links below.

Wiping Cloths

Industrial Absorbent Wipes can be used in laboratories and mechanical workshops, on construction sites, and in manufacturing facilities on both hard and soft surfaces.

Spill Kits

Argyle Commercial is a trusted supplier of environmental control products. Our vast selection includes oil and chemical spill kits, designed to effectively handle different kinds of liquids. Made with quality materials, our customers can be sure that the kits they get from us are nothing short of durable, reliable and suitable for a variety of applications.

Our range of chemical and oil spill kits come with everything you need to respond to accidental spillage. In order to make the most of the different spill kit types available, we offer spill response training at the basic, intermediate and advanced level.

We also offer spill kit servicing, to ensure that your clean up kit is always properly maintained and fully stocked when you need it.

Features and Benefits of our Spill Kits

Our spill control kits are ideal for responding to chemical and oil spills quickly and safely.

Argyle Commercial spill kits are:

  • Made of highly durable materials no breaking up or falling apart when wet
  • Fully stocked with everything you need for easy clean up
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Compact and convenient
  • Available in a variety of spill kit types for general clean-up, oil and chemical spills

By having a spill kit on hand at your facility or vehicle, you will always be prepared for any emergency spill.

How to Use a Spill Kit

All of our spill control kits are straightforward and easy to use. We designed our kits to be compact and portable some kits are small and fit into your vehicles, while larger kits, ideal for industrial facilities are packed into convenient wheelie bins.

Each one of our kits come with instruction cards, protective gear, absorbents, and waste disposal bags. Some kits, such as the marine spill kit, come with booms, which float on the water to prevent the further spread of oil.

To use our oil or chemical spill kits, simply unpack the materials and be sure to wear the protective gear first. Follow the instructions on the kit to absorb and contain the spillage.

A Wide Range of Spill Control Kits

We have a huge range of spill kits, including portable carry bag spill kits, bucket spill kits, 120L wheelie bin spill kits, 240L spill kits and more. Designed to make your clean-ups fast, easy and safe, our selections include diverse products to address our customers' unique concerns.

Our Carry Bag Spill Kits are portable and able to fit in small spaces. You can leave them where you need them, and they'll fit perfectly, whether it's at the back of your car seat or on a hook. Our Carry kits are available in three sizes and three grades, ideal for different purposes.

The Bucket Spill Kits, on the other hand, are visible and hard to miss, making them useful additions to workshops and shelves, even vehicles. They work well for minor spillages.

Large amounts of liquids call for more complicated clean-up jobs and bigger solutions to match. Our Wheelie Spill Kits Bins come in 120L and 240L sizes, making them the perfect answer to such cases.

The Argyle Commercial Difference

Our products are fully customisable, and we are sure to have something that will suit your requirement. Spill kit refills are available as well. In addition to our spill response kits, we also offer spill kit accessories and training sessions, ensuring our customers are prepared for any spill scenario.

We deliver our spill kits Australia-wide, shipping anywhere within the country. Our friendly customer service team is always standing by to answer any queries that you may have.

Discover more about our line of spill products and services by browsing below.

Spill Kit Servicing

Our spill kit service ensures that your spill kits are maintained, well stocked and checked at periodic intervals.  It involves us visiting your site, checking and replenishing your spill kits.  Perfect for those who don't have the time and manpower to regulary maintain them themselves.

Spill Response Training

Along with our great range of spill kits, we offer a range of training courses, from toolbox talks to basic 1 hour sessions to in depth training sessions, all of which can be customised to suit your requirements. Our most popular course is our 1 hour "Spill Savvy" training session.

Drain Protection

Our range of drain protection products spans from your everyday drain pollution guards through to emrgency response drain wardens in the event of a spill. Our polyurethane drain covers are a must have on any site holding oils or chemicals, or anyone at risk of having a spill.


Spill Containment

Argyle Commercial offers one of the largest range of bunding in Australia, from standard 2 and 4 drum bonded pallets to IBC Bunds, portable bunding, to hardcover outdoor bunds and to temporary onsite bunding solutions. Our wide range of spill containment solutions includes chemical bunds and spill mats. With our containment solutions, you will surely find something to address your needs.

Spill Containment Systems You Can Trust

Liquids used in the industrial settings, such as oils and chemicals require careful handling, and it starts with using the right containers. Spill containment units and polyethylene bunding should withstand the inclement weather conditions and not risk compromising the quality of the liquids. As such, choosing from the available options involves plenty of considerations, including size, material and portability.

What Argyle Commercial offers are diverse products that cover varying needs. Our Spill Pallets are made of heavy duty polyethylene, meaning they do not corrode or rust easily and are compatible with both oil and chemical. This makes them perfect for the industrial environment.

Our IBC bunds are also made of 100% polyethylene; tarpaulin covers and dispensing trays are also available, that are useful for decanting and protecting the fluids. The covers fit securely into single and double units. Our spill containment bunds are available in various sizes.

The Benefits of Bunding Systems

Argyle Commercial's wide range of bunding systems and spill containment units provide superior protection, minimising the effects of unintended spills.

Our bunding is:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Offer superior holding capacity
  • Made of approved, heavy-duty materials
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with a wide range of substances, including oil and chemicals
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Provides peace of mind

All of our containment bunds can handle a variety of spillage and are manufactured to the highest standards.

A Range of Bunding Products

These are just some of the reliable and portable bunding products we offer. If what you are looking for doesn't feature, let us know and we will find it for you.

We can provide spill containment units to suit your exact needs. Argyle Commercial strives to provide you with excellent service and heavy-duty environmental containment products.

Put us to the test and browse our selections today.


Oil spills in a marine environment can have detrimental effects on the ecology and may have a significant impact on human health. Argyle Commercial is a trusted supplier of marine spill kits, allowing you to contain and clean up spills efficiently and with ease.

Our marine oil spill response kits feature superior quality marine absorbents that can soak up oil with ease. Containment booms can are easily assembled, allowing you to prevent the further spread of spilt oil as it floats on the water. We provide quality marine absorbent booms and sweeps, marine spill kits and recovery products, including containment booms, oil skimmers, collapsible oil recovery tanks (CORT's) and dispersant systems.

Get started with cleaning up, minus the hassle, with our range of water spill kits. Argyle Commercial puts all of your marine spillage needs in one place.

The Benefits of our Marine Spill Kits

Our marine oil spill response kit already has everything that you need to clean up spills quickly and efficiently.

Our marine spill control products are:

  • Made of high quality, oil compatible materials
  • Fully packed with all the equipment you need for easy clean-up
  • Easy to move and transport comes in durable wheelie bins
  • Available different sizes we have 240L and 660L kits
  • All marine absorbents and containment booms can easily be replenished

Marine Spill Response Kits for Easy Environmental Clean Ups

Marine oil spills can be tough to handle. Because they involve large amounts of liquid, it's hard to tell where to start with containing and cleaning up. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage spills on water, and Argyle Commercial aims to help spill response personnel deal with the situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Our range of marine spill response products and equipment is ideal for different situations and requirements. Our marine spill kits come in 240L and 660L units, suitable for almost any sized spill. They pack in everything you need to handle spills on water: booms, pads, PPE and absorbents, and are the perfect companion to boats, construction projects, marinas and any other locations where oil spills on water is a possibility.

In addition to our marine kits, we also offer absorbent booms, sweeps, oil nets, skimmers and containment booms.

Your Marine Spillage Needs in One Place

Get quality marine spillage products from Argyle Commercial. Find what you need to contain and clean up the spill by browsing through our catalogue. We ship to anywhere in Australia. Have any questions or suggestions regarding our marine spill kits? Contact our friendly customer service team today.

Dangerous Goods Storage

The law requires the correct handling and storage of dangerous goods, as they are vital to the safety of an industrial environment. Argyle Commercial offers a vast selection of dangerous goods storage solutions. Our products include different options for internal and external use, such as safety cabinets, aerosol and gas cylinder stores, outdoor relocatable units, transport segregation boxes, and a selection of drum handling products.

All made in Australia and manufactured to relevant standards, our customers can be sure to get quality products they can trust.

Cut Out to Handle Dangerous Goods

Our range of products is designed to cater to Class 2 Gases, Class 3 and 4 Flammables, Class 5.1 Oxidising Agents, Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides, Class 6 Toxic and Class 8 Corrosive, ensuring the safe and proper handling of chemicals in the workplace.

Our range of Safety Cabinets works well for most classes of dangerous goods, making them ideal for those looking for versatile and secure storage solutions. The cabinets fully comply with stringent legislative construction requirements, assuring functionality and quality.

For immediate, safe and cost-effective storage of large quantities of dangerous goods, our Outdoor Relocatable Storage Units provide the ideal solution. They are custom-made according to your specifications, so rest assured that they match your needs the way they should.

In addition to our cabinets and storage units, we also offer Transport Segregation Devices, Poly Corrosive Cabinets and Gas Cylinder and Flammable storage, among other solutions.

Safe Storage for Dangerous Goods

Argyle Commercial provides safe storage for different classes of dangerous goods. Find one that matches your requirements among our selections below.

Silt Curtain

Argyle Commercial supplies a wide range of turbidity barriers, silt curtains and curtain baffles, Australia Wide. Various types of silt booms and curtains are available, the most popular being the Contractors Silt Curtain. Used by most of Australia's leading contractors all over Australia, this curtain will more than exceed your expectations.

Heavy Duty Silt Curtains

Our heavy-duty silt curtains are suitable for the toughest conditions, developed specifically to suit the needs of Australian marine contractors. Our silt curtains strike just the right balance between quality, cost-efficiency and durability.

Silt curtains and turbidity barriers are ideal for use in marine construction, dredging and remediation projects, giving you total control of the silt and other sediments that find their way into the water. This prevents sediment from spreading throughout the body of water and affecting the local ecology. The use of silt curtains ensures that your construction areas comply with regulations and protect the marine environment.

A Wide Range of Curtain and Containment Boom Systems

We provide different floating silt curtains and containment boom systems for various applications. Our debris booms are ideal for controlling surface pollutants and other debris, while our noxious weed containment booms prevent weed blooms from travelling downstream.

Durable and easy to set up, they are ideal for either temporary or permanent installation. The screens and booms are designed to be impact resistant for improved performance in varying settings.

Argyle Commercial delivers all over Australia. For any enquiries and concerns, contact our friendly customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you.

Sediment Control

If you need high quality erosion control products, then look no further than Argyle Commercial. We are the reliable supplier of sediment control solutions, and we are proud to offer an extensive array of silt fences, socks and bags, hay bale bags, geotextile rolls and silt curtain, as well as all accessories. Keep silt from spreading around construction sites and making a big mess with the help of our products.

Durability That Withstands Corrosion

Our sediment control solutions are manufactured using durable materials such as UV-resistant fabric for our premium silt fence, and environmentally friendly and biodegradable coconut fibres for our coir logs. Designed for environmental protection, you can trust our products to deliver.

In addition to the silt fences, we also provide accessories that allow for easy installation, maintenance and usage. Our hardwood stakes and pickets are welcome additions to any fence installation tool inventory. Cost-effective and versatile, they are ideal for providing additional support to an already-sturdy line of silt fences and work perfectly in different environmental conditions.

Silt Control Products You Can Trust

When it comes to quality, Argyle Commercial assures you that what we offer is second to none. We have been supplying environmental protection products for years, so you can be sure that we understand your needs and requirements. The effectiveness and reliability of our solutions are unquestionable, and with a diverse range of products, you can certainly find what you need here.

If we don't stock it or make it ourselves, we will tap into our network of suppliers and find it for you.

Argyle Commercial is the leading choice for silt control products in Australia. Make us your choice, too. See our catalogue for more information on what we offer.


Medical and industrial experiences have shown that initial first aid treatment for many hazardous contaminants should be to wash the contaminated part of the body as soon as possible. Our wide range of safety showers, eye/face wash units and multi-spray platform showers are designed for personnel safety, particularly in applications such as mining, petroleum and oil refineries, chemical manufacturing and handling, as well as in laboratories and hospitals.

All decontamination products comply with the relevant Australian Standards and are constructed from stainless steel, preventing corrosion and ensuring longevity.

We can customise products to suit your needs whether it's a self-contained gravity fed shower or additional accessories such as emergency indicator lights and alarms, our design team has a solution for your application put us to the test today!


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