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Oil spills in a marine environment can have detrimental effects on the ecology and may have a significant impact on human health. Argyle Commercial is a trusted supplier of marine spill kits, allowing you to contain and clean up spills efficiently and with ease.

Our marine oil spill response kits feature superior quality marine absorbents that can soak up oil with ease. Containment booms can are easily assembled, allowing you to prevent the further spread of spilt oil as it floats on the water. We provide quality marine absorbent booms and sweeps, marine spill kits and recovery products, including containment booms, oil skimmers, collapsible oil recovery tanks (CORT's) and dispersant systems.

Get started with cleaning up, minus the hassle, with our range of water spill kits. Argyle Commercial puts all of your marine spillage needs in one place.

The Benefits of our Marine Spill Kits

Our marine oil spill response kit already has everything that you need to clean up spills quickly and efficiently.

Our marine spill control products are:

  • Made of high quality, oil compatible materials
  • Fully packed with all the equipment you need for easy clean-up
  • Easy to move and transport comes in durable wheelie bins
  • Available different sizes we have 240L and 660L kits
  • All marine absorbents and containment booms can easily be replenished

Marine Spill Response Kits for Easy Environmental Clean Ups

Marine oil spills can be tough to handle. Because they involve large amounts of liquid, it's hard to tell where to start with containing and cleaning up. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage spills on water, and Argyle Commercial aims to help spill response personnel deal with the situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Our range of marine spill response products and equipment is ideal for different situations and requirements. Our marine spill kits come in 240L and 660L units, suitable for almost any sized spill. They pack in everything you need to handle spills on water: booms, pads, PPE and absorbents, and are the perfect companion to boats, construction projects, marinas and any other locations where oil spills on water is a possibility.

In addition to our marine kits, we also offer absorbent booms, sweeps, oil nets, skimmers and containment booms.

Your Marine Spillage Needs in One Place

Get quality marine spillage products from Argyle Commercial. Find what you need to contain and clean up the spill by browsing through our catalogue. We ship to anywhere in Australia. Have any questions or suggestions regarding our marine spill kits? Contact our friendly customer service team today.

Marine Spill Response Kits
Argyle Commercials 240L and 660L marine oil-only spill kits come with everything needed to respond to a marine oil spill.  They come packed with large marine booms, pads and granular absorbents and PPE.  Ideal for marinas, boats and construction projects.  Click here for information on our 240L and 660L Marine Spill Kits.
Absorbent Booms

A complete range of marine absorbents including marine booms, double booms, spaghetti booms and sweeps, all designed to make the job easy for personnel responding to spills on water. These highly absorbent products are suitable for fast deployment and can be easily linked together using snap-hook joiners to whatever length required. 

Absorbent Sweeps

Argyle Commercials oil-only absorbent sweep is ideal to use in the event of a marine oil spill and can be used in conjunction with other marine absorbent booms when responding to large spills.  Click here for further information on this unique product!

Oil Nets

Our oil nets are ideal for retrieval of spills involving heavy oil, oil derivatives and fats from water surfaces and rocks, especially after major spills.  Click here for more information on this product.

HARBO T-Fence Boom

Stop oil spills before they spread!

HARBO T-Fence Boom is the worlds' smallest and lightest disposable solution for controlling oil spills, right when and where the spill begins.

Containment Booms

Our huge range of containment booms has all your marine spill control requirements covered.  From fence booms to mini air booms, cube booms to inflatable booms and more, you can be assured we have the product to suit your needs.  Contact one of our sales consultants today to discuss your needs, or click here for more information.


Argyle Commercial offers a large range of skimmers, all that can be used to assist in the clean up of a marine oil spill.  Also available are Power Packs, designed to run these skimmers.  Click here for further information on these products.

Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks

Designed for the recovery and temporary storage of liquids (primarily oily water), Collapsible Oil Recovery Tanks (CORTs) are available in sizes from 1,000L to 24,000L. Fitted with a floating ring that rises and falls with the water level, CORTS can be used on uneven ground with up to 10 degrees of slope.

Triple7 BioConcentrate is a powerful, bio-based oil / water separator which has been listed for use on Australian Oil Spills as a both a Surface Cleaning Agent (SCA) and as an Oil Herding Agent (OHA).

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