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Level 2A Intermediate Spills Response Training

Intermediate Oil & Spills Response Training Level 2A - 4 Hours AIM To enable personnel operating within specific environments to safely and ...

Intermediate Oil & Spills Response Training

Level 2A - 4 Hours


To enable personnel operating within specific environments to safely and competently respond to oil and chemical spill incidents in those environments.


At the conclusion of this 4-hour training session the participants will:

  1. Be alerted to the effects of spills into client-specified environments
  2. Have the necessary information to be able to safely and effectively respond to spill incident within those environments
  3. Be fully briefed on the benefits of good housekeeping practices in regards to stored liquids


Participants will gain knowledge in responding to spills of oils and chemicals and will be actively involved in the setting up and maintenance of spill response equipment and the proper storage, use and disposal of liquids at specified sites. They shall be made more aware of the W.H.S and environmental aspects of spills and be conversant with their responsibilities under the S.O.P's
(Standard Operating Procedures) as laid down by their company.


The four hour training session shall be presented by field experienced, Cert 1V trained and accredited instructors and will be divided into modules with a short (5 minute) break between each module presentation. These modules will cover the following subjects:


  • Site Safety First - Personal Protection Equipment
  • What is a spill?
  • What environments will this training cover?
  • EPA legislation NSW (spills and the environment)
  • WHS legislation NSW (spills and safety)
  • Client environmental policy and S.O.P.'s
  • Environmental effects of oil on soil, grass, water, ground water, snow, and hard surfaces – concrete, tar etc.
  • Quiz


  • Good housekeeping and spills - prevention
  • Group discussions on perceived "Work Environment" problem areas
  • The "Six Steps" in spill management
  • Group discussion on workplace spills
  • Table top demos - oil spills (on soil) (on water)
  • Chemicals spills - what do the participants know?
  • Simulated table top demos - acid - alkaline and bio-hazard spills
  • WorkCover - dangerous goods storage
  • Requirements for spill stations and kit design
  • Waste minimisation and disposal techniques
  • Quiz


  • Containment techniques and protocols – stormwater drains, water courses/channels, dams etc.
  • Sorbents and their suitability – demonstration
  • Effects of oil spills on W.H.S
  • Quiz


  • Hands-On Oil Spill Outdoor Exercise/s:
    1. Discuss exercise
    2. Discuss relevant safety issues
    3. Proceed to exercise
    4. On competition of exercise/s return to classroom, discuss results and any other matters
  • Quiz
  • Manuals discussion: Workshop manual (32 pages) and Level 2A Reference manual (125 pages)

A Level 3 Certificate of either "Argyle Commercial Spill Training" or TAFE RTO Certificate of Attainment (Unit Accreditation MSAPMSUP172A-I "Identify and Minimise Environmental Hazards"), shall be gained by full attendance and active participation in the nominated exercises and competent answering of the course questions.

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