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HARBO T-Fence Boom

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Instead of coming from afar with massive, bulky equipment and a large team of highly skilled professionals... use HARBO T-Fence Boom, the world's smallest and lightest solution for controlling oil spills, right when and where the spill begins.

When oil slicks are kept from spreading and splitting, devastating consequences become avoidable.

With HARBO T-Fence Boom you will be:


  • Small storage footprint - keep it where spills are likely to happen
  • Light in weight - easy to handle
  • Very little training required - simple to use


  • Zero time to spill site
  • Quickly and easily deployed
  • Can be deployed by just two people
  • No power packs, air blowers, or any other peripheral equipment required


Some other features and benefits include:

In Action

  • Superior hydrodynamics and aerodynamics for better oil containment
  • Unlimited lengths - join as many sections together as you need


  • Quick collection - no reels to wind boom onto; no deflation required
  • Disposable - no boom cleaning expenses

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