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Granular Absorbent

Our granular absorbents are commonly used in workshops, by emergency services, waste disposal companies, transport departments, local governments and on large construction projects - this list is by no means exhaustive!  Our granular absorbents absorb oils, fuels, solvents, chemicals, paints and many more liquids.

SpillBoss P35 Absorbent
SpillBoss P35 mineral absorbent is an efficient and cost effective absorbent for use on almost any type of spill.  Non slip, fast wicking, n...
SpillBoss P55 Absorbent
Non-toxic, non-abrasive, bio-degradable and vapour suppressive, this lightweight, bio-remedial absorbent (SpillBoss P55 Organic Absorbent) is lig...
SpillBoss P85 Absorbent
Our 100% organic, premium grade lightweight absorbent is bio-degradable, non-leaching and landfill friendly.  SpillBoss P85 sweeps very clea...
SpillBoss P95 Absorbent
A natural sea sponge (not clay based) with a huge absorption capacity, our SpillBoss P95 mineral absorbent (or Spongolite) will stay dry and gran...

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