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FloodSax Instant Sandbags Home Pack

Item Code: 605-2000

FloodSax Home Pack allows you to protect your home immediately from storm damage, riverine flooding, urban flash flooding and accidental water damage.

With the surges of wet weather events said to continue it has never been more important to be prepared to act instantaneously.

FloodSax takes the hassle out of filling sandbags and dragging them into position. Not to mention the time that can be spent waiting in queues to access sandbags during times of flood.

Within minutes, FloodSax can be put into action and a wall can be erected to mitigate damage caused by water and flash flooding.

Apart from coping with outdoor floods, the super absorbency of FloodSax also makes them ideal for accidental water ingress from faulty pipes, leaking ceilings, overflowing washing machines etc.


FloodSax as a flood/storm mitigation tool?

Take your FloodSax out of the bag and place in position, energise the bag using water from a hose, bucket, sink or the flood water itself and within minutes you are ready to protect your home or business.

Weighing only 200 grams, you can simply lay FloodSax in front of the pending water and watch them expand to traditional sandbag size within minutes, holding 12 litres of water each. The Home pack comes with one long thin bag that is placed across the bottom of the door and four rectangular bags that are then placed on top of the first bag.

Ensure each bag is placed tightly against the previous bag to stop water seeping through cracks between the bags.


How to use FloodSax for accidental water damage?

FloodSax are super absorbent which makes them a great solution for accidental water damage such as a faulty internal sprinkler system, broken pipes, leaking ceilings and appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and freezers.

To put FloodSax into action simply take the product out of the bag and place either under the leak or on top of the spill.

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