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Dangerous Goods Storage

The law requires the correct handling and storage of dangerous goods, as they are vital to the safety of an industrial environment. Argyle Commercial offers a vast selection of dangerous goods storage solutions. Our products include different options for internal and external use, such as safety cabinets, aerosol and gas cylinder stores, outdoor relocatable units, transport segregation boxes, and a selection of drum handling products.

All made in Australia and manufactured to relevant standards, our customers can be sure to get quality products they can trust.

Cut Out to Handle Dangerous Goods

Our range of products is designed to cater to Class 2 Gases, Class 3 and 4 Flammables, Class 5.1 Oxidising Agents, Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides, Class 6 Toxic and Class 8 Corrosive, ensuring the safe and proper handling of chemicals in the workplace.

Our range of Safety Cabinets works well for most classes of dangerous goods, making them ideal for those looking for versatile and secure storage solutions. The cabinets fully comply with stringent legislative construction requirements, assuring functionality and quality.

For immediate, safe and cost-effective storage of large quantities of dangerous goods, our Outdoor Relocatable Storage Units provide the ideal solution. They are custom-made according to your specifications, so rest assured that they match your needs the way they should.

In addition to our cabinets and storage units, we also offer Transport Segregation Devices, Poly Corrosive Cabinets and Gas Cylinder and Flammable storage, among other solutions.

Safe Storage for Dangerous Goods

Argyle Commercial provides safe storage for different classes of dangerous goods. Find one that matches your requirements among our selections below.

Safety Cabinets

Argyle Commercial's range of Safety Cabinets provides everyday safe storage for most classes of dangerous goods.  Fully compliant with legislative construction requirements, some standard features of our safety cabinets include fully adjustable shelving and self closing and latching doors.  Made in Australia, support Australian jobs by buying these.

Gas Cylinder & Flammable Storage

Our range of cost effective and streamlined gas cylinder stores are ideal where compliant gas cylinder storage is required.  The robust designs incorporate solutions to potential OH&S issues when handling these cylinders, such as access ramps, adjustable restraints and trolley options.  Click here for more information.

Poly Corrosive Cabinets

These genuine non-metallic polyethylene safety cabinets are built to withstand the highly concentrated Class 8 Corrosive Substances. With the added benefit of dual compartment construction, it means that incompatible items may be safely stored within the same cabinet.  Cabinets meet and exceed the requirements of AS3780.

Bulk Storage Cabinets

Our range of large safety cabinets are user friendly and space efficient.  Ideal for all industry types where higher storage volumes are required, our safety cabinets are of superior design to traditional compliance methods, and are easily configurable to gain maximum efficiency in handling stored products.

Outdoor Relocatable Units

Argyle Commercial's range of Outdoor Relocatable Storage Units are ideal for immediate, safe, approved and efficient storage of large quantities of dangerous goods without the problems and expense associated with building fixed stores. Custom made to your own selection, click here for further details oln our relocatable flammable units now.

Transport Segregation Devices

Argyle Commercial has purpose built segregation devices for the isolation of incompatible dangerous goods that need to be either transported or stored in close proximity to other chemicals.

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