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Absorbent Rolls

Argyle Commercial offers a wide range of absorbent rolls.  Available in dimpled or meltblown confirgurations, these rolls come in different widths and lengths, and most are perforated for ease of use and to minimise waste.

General Purpose Rolls
Our general purpose absorbent rolls can be used to clean up almost any spilt liquid, from mild acids and alkalis to water and wine, from cleaning...
Oil & Fuel Rolls
These rolls are great for oil spills - on land, or in water.  Being an oil and fuel product means that these rolls are hydrophobic they don&...
Camouflage Rolls
Wanting to maintain a safe, non-slip and clean working area? This roll offers an ideal walk-on solution to cover large areas in the workshop.&nbs...
Absorbent Track Mat
The heavy duty matting solution is perfect for train tracks, portable generators, when moving oil-filled equipment, as a wash bay pad or in a par...

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