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Low Lint Absorbent Pads

Item Code: C001-1060
These cost effective pad has a layer of spunbond coverstock on the top, and is constructed with dimpled bond-points which give the pad ...

Low Lint Absorbent Pads

If it's a low lint product that's needed, these are the ones to go for. The ideal sorbent for cleaning rough machine parts by eliminating loose fibres, and without leaving residue.

With a bonded multi layer construction and a highly absorbent polypropylene core with a layer of spunbond coverstock on both sides to prevent linting, this is a strong, but extremely soft and versatile product.

Great for the oil and gas industry when you are wanting to absorb spilt product without leaving those little fibres, these pads are available in two grades - general purpose, and oil-only.

Comes in standard size - 500 x 400mm, heavyweight.

Codes are as follows:




001-2050 Lo-Lint Oil & Fuel Pad 100
002-2060 Low Lint Oil & Fuel Mat, 1 x 1m 25


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