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Train carrying crude oil derails, explodes in Alabama

Posted by Administration on 8 November 2013
A 90-car train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in western Alabama in the early hours of Friday morning, spilling oil and leaving eleven cars burning in the rural area. No injuries have been reported, but 20 of the train's cars derailed and 11 were still on fire, the train owne...
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In remote field, North Dakota oil boom suffers first big spill

Posted by Administration on 10 October 2013
A Tesoro Logistics LP pipeline has spilled more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil into a North Dakota wheat field, the biggest leak in the state since it became a major U.S. producer. The six-inch pipeline was carrying crude oil from the Bakken shale play to the Stampede rail facility outsi...
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Ten oil spills detected in flood-hit Colorado

Posted by Administration on 19 September 2013
Political and environmental pressure mounted on energy companies in Colorado on Thursday, as officials tried to assess the damage from oil and gas spills that followed last week's heavy flooding.\ Regulators were tracking 10 oil spills in the north-central portion of the state, where e...
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Shell says it's containing oil spill in Nigeria's Delta

Posted by Administration on 23 August 2013
Royal Dutch Shell's Nigerian unit is containing an oil spill in the Niger Delta, the company said on Friday, after the military reported liquid 'jetting' out of a pipeline. Massive oil theft, sabotage of infrastructure and leaks from ageing pipelines are all cutting into the pr...
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Oil spill near Los Angeles minor, secured, remediation under way

Posted by Administration on 7 August 2013
A crude oil pipeline near an Alon Energy USA asphalt refinery in the Los Angeles area leaked about two barrels of crude on Tuesday, but the leak was secured and crews are removing and treating soil in the area, an Alon spokesman said on Wednesday. Alon subsidiary Paramount Petroleum Corp o...
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