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Baffle Curtain Installed at Roma Sewerage Treatment Plant

Posted by Rick on 19 June 2014
Baffle Curtain Installed at Roma Sewerage Treatment Plant

In late 2013, Argyle Commercial was contacted by a client who was upgrading an existing sewerage treatment plant.   The client had a requirement for floating curtain baffles, to be used to re-direct effluent flow within lagoons, thus prolonging treatment and settling times.

We were able to design a baffle curtain that suited all requirements, using a fabric with a 20 year warranty.  Stainless steel wire, chain, fittings etc. were included in a high quality product offering.

After a thorough evaluation, our product was selected by the client.  A tight delivery timeframe provided a challenge, however installation of the first baffle curtains was completed within three weeks.  Additional baffles were installed several weeks later following maintenance works on other lagoons.

Result:  another happy client who proved that for quality, service and value, Argyle Commercial can’t be beat!

Author: Rick
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