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Spill Kit Accessories

Along with our huge range of spill kits we offer a large range of spill kit accessories including PPE, disposal bags and ties, carry bags and more.  Also available are spill kit covers.  These are ideal to protect your kits from the harsh seasonal elements, and mark your spill kits out as an emergency kit - not an empty rubbish bin.

Spill Kit Accessories and Refills
If you have been using your spill kits more often than previously thought, or want some back-up components for your spill kits, all accessories t...
Wheelie Bins
Wanting to make your own special kits up, or need some more rubbish bins?  We have a large range of 'super tough' polyethylene wheel...
Spill Kit Covers
If you are having problems with water getting into your kits or your kits being used as a rubbish bin, this Heavy Duty, Weatherproof PVC, cost ef...

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