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Argyle Commercial offers a large range of skimmers, all that can be used to assist in the clean up of a marine oil spill.  Also available are Power Packs, designed to run these skimmers.  Click here for further information on these products.

Belt Skimmer
The Belt Skimmer utilises a long-life polypropylene belt which does not suffer from stress cracking as with stainless steel belts. The 200mm wide, ...
Disc Skimmers
Disc Skimmers are manufactured from marine grade aluminium, with either polypropylene or aluminium oil collection discs. Oil recovery occurs as the...
Wier Skimmers
Weir Skimmers are available in various sizes, for open water and confined spaces. Due to the self-adjusting weirs, they are extremely easy to opera...
Power Packs

Power Packs are designed to drive Weir Skimmers, Disc Skimmers, Boom Reels and Discharge Pumps.

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Dispersant Spray Systems
Dispersant Spray Systems are designed for use on small and large oil spill response vessels. The Dispersant Spray System does not rely on an educto...

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