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Safety Showers and Eyewash units

Argyle Commercials wide range of safety showers, eye/face wash units and multi-spray platform showers are designed for personnel safety, particularly in applications such as mining, oil refineries, chemical manufacturing and handling, as well as in laboratories and hospitals.

Combination Safety Shower
Our safety deluge shower and eye/face wash has the capability of rapidly removing contaminants from the body whilst also flushing hazardous contamin...
Portable Eyewash Units
Ideal for remote sites, such as construction sites, mines etc., Argyle Commercials Self-Contained or Gravity Fed Eye Wash and Body Spray Units are ...
Safety Eyewashes
The Eye Washes flush hazardous contaminants and skin irritants from the eyes using soft aerated eye wash streams. The centrally mounted eye wash ou...
Safety Showers
Safety Deluge Showers rapidly remove contaminants from the body. Manufactured from stainless steel, our Safety Deluge Showers can be free standing,...

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Bunds and Spill Trays: Contain Spills Instantly

Sep 15 2017
Bunds and spill trays protect your floors and other surfaces by instantly containing spills. They serve as a safety precaution when working with...

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