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Outdoor Hardtop Storage

SpillBoss hardtop storage units are designed for use outside where protection from the weather is paramount.  With roll-top covers for the IBC bunds to ensure easy access to IBC containers, and the capability or store either 2 or 4 x 205 litre drums in lockable and weatherproof bunds, these are perfect for manufacturing...

Modular Hardtop Drum Storage
This is the ultimate in outdoor drum storage. The roll-top covers make easy access to these storage units that have extra room for pumps and funn...
Modular Hardtop IBC Storage
These modular hardtop IBC bunds enable you to safely store large quantities of liquids, whilst still complying with outdoor storage bunding regul...

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Bunds and Spill Trays: Contain Spills Instantly

Sep 15 2017
Bunds and spill trays protect your floors and other surfaces by instantly containing spills. They serve as a safety precaution when working with...

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