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Containment Barriers

Our range of Sediment Traps, Sand Filled Barriers and Water Filled PVC Bunds protect the drains to prevent harmful contaminants from polluting our environment.  Sediment traps will filter water before letting it down the drain whilst the other 2 barriers will hold back the water - perfect if you want to prevent water from entering your premises!

PVC Water Filled Bund
Used to protect curb inlets from sediment laden storm water runoff, these heavy duty barriers are quick and easy to install and can be connected ...
Sediment Traps
Made out of a heavy duty geotextile fabric filled with permeable gravel, these non absorbent portable sediment traps are simple to use and fast t...
Sand Filled Containment Barrier
Made out of Heavy Duty PVC, this long lasting, durable containment barrier is filled with sand, which makes it an ideal product to stop water etc...

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