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Bulk Storage Cabinets

Our range of large safety cabinets are user friendly and space efficient.  Ideal for all industry types where higher storage volumes are required, our safety cabinets are of superior design to traditional compliance methods, and are easily configurable to gain maximum efficiency in handling stored products.

250L Heavy Duty Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
This 250L Heavy Duty Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinet is the solution when higher storage volumes are required.  This safety cabinet incorpor...
450L Heavy Duty Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
This 450L capacity cabinet not only incorporates highly flexible storage configuration options, but also gives you maximum efficiency in the hand...
650L Heavy Duty Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
Our 650L cabinet is user friendly and space efficient. Superior to traditional compliance methods, this cabinet offers highly flexible storage co...
850L Heavy Duty Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
This Heavy Duty Generous Capacity Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet will hold 850L of Flammable Liquids.   These flammable safety cabine...

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