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Absorbent Booms

A complete range of marine absorbents including marine booms, double booms, spaghetti booms and sweeps, all designed to make the job easy for personnel responding to spills on water. These highly absorbent products are suitable for fast deployment and can be easily linked together using snap-hook joiners to whatever length required. 

Oil & Fuel Marine Booms
When oil or fuel spills into a waterway, it needs to be cleaned up fast. Our oil-only booms are made of a strong mesh outer sleeve which encase...
Oil & Fuel Spaghetti Boom
This boom was used very successfully during the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Designed with a significantly greater surface area,...
Chemical Absorbent Boom
For applications where you may be at risk of spilling large amounts of chemicals or unknown fluids, these highly absorbent chemical booms will ab...

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